Strength Cards

Sass Up Your Strengths!

Did you know you are made up of 24 innate character strength?
Now you do!

You already tap into these strengths. The lesser used strengths, may feel like weaknesses, but I am here to tell you they aren’t! You have these strengths, you just need to learn how to” work them out”.

Rarely we think of ourselves as strong individuals, because there is a perception of needing to develop more. Think about what key strength your role models use, that  ou are missing?

The answer-NONE!

You have all of the same strengths. The truth is, you need to exercise them more. And here is how!

These cards are created to mentally work out your 24 character strengths, so you can take action to achieve your successful life.

Mindset Strength Cards

Forgiveness strength card  Wisdom Mindset Inspiration card

Ready to go give your mindset more strength? 


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