Beginning a Happier Mindset-Learn How

Beginning a Happier Mindset-Learn How

The question we all want to unlock, yet have no clue how to hell to go about doing it…How to be a happier human?

This is a question may take a lifetime to learn.



I share three lessons inspired by positive psychology lecture and books, which I have changed my life. Ultimately helping me unlock the hidden door of happiness.

The Lessons

First, change the way you think about how to become a successful person-By changing your thinking of how it is up to you to create your success rather than luck.

Second, learn from failing-Failing sucks, it reeeeeeally sucks. It’s time to brush the dirt of, and learn from that metaphoric boo-boo. This is one of the best ways to retain new ways to continue the momentum of thriving.

Third, keep pushing towards your goal(s), especially if you really don’t want to. Being stagnant is less desired trait nowadays. Pushing forward can mean creating great strides in the day or a small little action. Either one will continue the momentum to push forwards.

Bonus Lesson

Create a meaningful moment with yourself to re-energize yourself. With the hectic lives we live, we barely take time for ourselves since we are constantly on the go for others. Taking time in an activity you enjoy will break up this cycle giving you an energy boost.

Share your thought in the comments below what makes you happier!

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