What Ovarian Cancer Taught Me-Lessons for Survivors and Prevention

What Ovarian Cancer Taught Me-Lessons for Survivors and Prevention


September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, and because I am a survivor of the disease I wanted to share my thoughts on what I have learned throughout surviving.

This the most personal video I have posted so far, because I do not like to speak about my struggles of suppressing my cancer journey. But I would be lying if I did not share them, especially if there is someone going through the same feelings I did.


The Three Lessons:

ONE:  I hid a lot of pain and depression while going through cancer. It can feel like you are alone even if there are constant people asking, “how are you doing?”. It was only 2 years AFTER finishing my treatment, was when I could begin to dig up these feelings, heal, then move on.


TWO: #BeAwareOfDownThere- Be aware of your body! It’s that simple, yet many of us ignore the signs of discomfort because we don’t want to look like a woose. “SUCK IT UP, IT’S NOT THAT BAD!” You could be right, it may not be. But if your internal computer is saying you have a virus slowly crashing your hard drive, my advice is LISTEN!


THREE: Don’t be silent. Speak up!- If your body is saying something is not feeling good listen up my friend, especially if it has been for two weeks or longer. A team of medical specialists can assist you, they want to help you. However, they ain’t you! After you speak with your team, and the symptoms are not clearing up, be your own advocate and reach out to your specialists again, and again, and again until things begin to resolve.

Spread the message of teal power all September long to share the awareness of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!




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