How MY M.A.D Morning Routine Will Give You Positive Energy Throughout the Day

I am finally sharing with you my mindfulness routine I have been practicing for the last three years, which I continuously updating, since I am always learning how to better myself.

This first began meditating to clear my cancer thoughts while going through chemotherapy. Today, I start my day off with a mindfulness practice I like to call my M.A.D. routine- I love getting M.A.D. so much I have even carried the practice into my afternoon and evenings.



M- Mindfulness, clear your mind so your brain can focus and leave behind the overwhelm that creeps up on you.
A- Active, get your body movin’ and groovin’ to shift my body’s energy to support you throughout the day.
D- Desired Destination for the Day a.k.a. visualizing what you want to accomplish throughout the day. Take this practice on as your own to get a a little more clear and focused in your day.

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