You Gotta Laugh More At Work! Here’s Why…

Why do you love to laugh?


It feels good?

It distracts you from the crappy day?

It releases stress?


Yes, laughter is one of the best medicines because it releases the physical plus mental tension in our bodies from the work week- BUT THERE’S MORE!

Laughter can be a simple technique to:
  1. Increase our relationships with our co-workers by subliminally telling them we go each other’s backs
  2. Develop stronger bonds with your fellow employees
  3. Make it easier for yourself to enjoy a good giggle- you are three times more likely to laugh with others than on your own.

Watch one of my favorite TedX Talks by Dr. Sophie Scott. It’s about 18 minutes long, it will makes you laugh (she better if she studies laughter, right?)  and explains the real science of why we should really laugh-and in my opinion especially at work.


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