How Toilets + Brainpower Inspire!

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Yes, you read correctly-TOILETS! The thing you use us everyday can inspire your everyday life…specifically the public ones.

You are so beautiful in the way you think, even on how to choose which bathroom stall to use when doing your “business”. So it isn’t a surprise there has been research in human behavior on this subject.

Most choose the middle stall because it’s believed to be more cleanly AND (the most interesting) because it uses less brainpower than choosing the left or right side.

This got me thinking are we, as a society, wasting brainpower on other small decisions? Hopefully reading this letter isn’t one of them 🙂

Getting caught up in analyzing life’s every move is draining-causing more stress and fatigue than wanted.

Today ask yourself this: What other decisions can I chose to use LESS brainpower? 

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