How to Face Uncomfortable Confrontations for Deeper Personal Connections

Have you ever had something mentally eat you up and know you need to talk to the other person involved, but you simply can’t do it?



I have learned speaking up in these conversations is better than letting the feeling of “ick”, continuously haunt me.

Learn my process on how I began to work through the thoughts and how to have a honest conversation of your own.


  1. Give yourself time to understand how you are feeling.
    Soul search on what you are feeling, how these came about, and why these thoughts are occurring.
  2. Figure out how YOU played a role in the situation.
    It’s easy to point the finger at someone, and say he/she did it. Let’s be real though, you did have some role in this as well. What was it?
  3. Be vulnerable and actually have the conversation with the other person.
    This is hard and uncomfortable, yet NEEDS to be done. So go do it!

    Now it’s your turn, let me know below how you deal with handling these honest conversations.

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